Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Throwing Stones at Gandalf

As part of my attempt to try and get a better grasp of my own instinct I have discovered that throwing stones at stuff might help greatly. It has also apparently made me better at basketball (which I don't really play) and might even be making me feel better generally. Playing never grows old.

Gandalf beat me last time we threw stones at stuff. Although characteristically (of all people who have ever at any point "beaten" me at anything) he did suddenly become tired as my score began to catch up with his. Some might claim that this is due to my infuriating tenacity/bad sportsmanship. I, however, attribute it to my champion attitude and superior powers of psychological endurance.

But now I have a new technique. It is a secret (except to Gandalf, annoyingly, as I've explained it to him), which I will expose to you, my legions of followers, once I have slain Gandalf with a rematch. The rematch will be filmed and posted here.

All that is left is for Gandalf to step up to the plate.

Stay tuned.

Also, I will hopefully soon be uninjured enough to adventure some more. If not, I vow to sleep in a park in South East London in February and give you a write up.

Read this (particularly the hitchiking section) and listen to these...


  1. am orflee fond of polar bear. Peepers is grand. I also heard this and thought of you:


    go well, wild one

  2. David- They are a fine band hey! I was lucky enough to find them randomly, playing a lovely free gig at the Southbank Centre. They had me at the balloon solo.

    Cheers for the Miike Snow link, good song that! To be fair, I probably did inspire them!

  3. Squire, most recently on Newborough, you beat me, although this was a less formal contest!

    Re: tiredness after an over an hour of throwing, in Felinheli I presume you mean, please refer to my most recent post on Delayed onset muscles soreness ;-)

    The rematch is on sir! Challenge accepted! Name a time and a place. It must be a wildy lovely location though, preferably with the noise of flowing water in the background.

    And...sand dune hill climb time trails! S'all I'm sayin!!!

  4. You're on. It should take place at the top of a hill. Any suggestions. Any time after January 18th is good for me. Sooner rather than later. I'll bring the camera.

    And...sand dune hill climb time trails took place when I was injured. You can count that though, if you're comfortable basing your achievements on my misfortune.